NOTD – Zoya Matte Veruschka

NOTD – Zoya Veruschka w/ Revlon Elusive

Sorry for the dry cuticles ladies, the frosty weather is beating up my nails!

I am so excited to have picked up a few of the Zoyas with a matte finish and had no idea if I would like them but I am loving this mani!

I picked these polishes up on clearance at Ulta and I have to admit I have been going a bit overboard but I have no regrets. I used Zoya’s Veruschka as the main color with no top coat. This is a matte finish and I have to say it applies quiet smoothly and it’s so easy to layer as you don’t see the streaks or difference in layers at all. Applies like a dream for not having a top coat on. I applied Revlon’s Elusive (also clearance!) as an accent nail and was worried it wouldn’t look right next to the matte finish from the zoya but I couldn’t believe it when it dried to a matte finish as well! They look perfect together! My boyfriend thought they were the same color but that I mixed black with one. This is a combo made in heaven and I know I will be wearing it again. And to think I got both polished together for around $7.

So glad I got to share this mani! I hope you ladies enjoy, what’s on your nails right now?


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