Jewelmint – Collective Style Surprise – Olive Yew

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to do a quick review today over the Jewelmint mystery box I purchased that just arrived today.

Overall I would give this box a 9/10.

I got it rather fast and the value is great ($30 + Free Shipping). I love the heart earrings and of course the butterfly necklace, however, the arrow necklace was not my favorite. The arrow is so small I thought they shorted me a necklace at first, then I thought that is was a silver necklace with just a bar. I still think I will keep it for now though as I have another necklace it will match nicely with.

I really like these Olive Yew pieces because they will match any outfit that I have. I have several statement pieces in a certain color and not enough simple, chic pieces. Now I have a small collection of jewelry I can quickly throw on knowing it will look good with what I am wearing.

I would highly recommend this box.

I Hope you guys enjoy this review and have a lovely week!


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