HAUL! – CBL Pre-Order

Hello Ladies!

I thought I would share with you my CBL’s Pre-Order! Not all of these are from their fall collection but I couldn’t help pick them up!

I had a really hard time deciding on colors and got more than I originally planned. I tried to stick with one color per color category (I.E. One red, One Blue, etc.)

Let’s get started!

 Shipping was speady for a pre-order but Llarowe always does a great job with their pre-orders! Everything was packaged well. This is such a relief from other pre-orders that take so long I start getting impatient for!

First Color was ‘Rezipped’. This was the last restock of this color and I just feel in love with it the moment I saw it and couldn’t get it out of my cart. After swatching it and seeing it in person I am extremely thankful that I decided to keep this little bad boy! It’s a very light blue that almost appears silver and has a magnificent holo to it. I just love how light and refreshing it is and of course has the lovely consistency that CBL’s holos do. This may just be my favorite of them all.

Next was ‘In the Navy’ this color I was a bit on edge about. My boyfriend was actually the one the insisted upon it because he liked it above all other holos. In person this color has an amazing holo to it. You can see from the picture just how colorful the holo looks against the blue.

‘Midnight in Montana’ was my nextpick up. It’s a Multi-Chrome turquoise and with blue shimmer that appears purple in some light. Without a top coat i am not in love with the semi matte finish of this polish but I know it will be amazing when it has a top coat. I just love the complete 180 this polish does in certain lighting.

‘Mighty Red Baron’ is the red I picked out. Llarowe had several red and I am loving this one. It’s a red on red polish but I can see this being a great holiday polish. The consistency is just beautiful.

‘Swear Jar’ was the green I decided on. I am a bit torn on this one now that I have it in person. This is only because I was expecting it to be green on green but instead in certain lighting it will appear blue as shown in the photo. It’s not my favorite but it’s still a nice color. Now I will just have to find out when I will be wearing it and how.

‘Burnt Sugar’ is the Brown Holo I had to have. I loved the name and I have been wanting some sort of brown sparkle. I am very pleased with the way it swatched and I know it will be the perfect November color for me! If you have been looking for a brown holo I would highly recommend this polish.

‘Elegance’ was another polish I loved just for the name. That wasn’t the only reason of course! It’s more of a top coat which I didn’t realize at first but that is okay because I got ‘Licorice’ , the black jelly right next to it, and I can tell by overlapping them on my swatch sticks it will be the perfect combo.

Overall this purchase has about double my CBL collection and I must say I am still impressed. My only regret was that i was not able to snipe ‘Punkin’ as it sold out almost immediately.

Stay tuned for ‘NOTD’ posts with these colors in the futures ladies!


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