Review: Safira by Esmaltes da Kelly

Hey Ladies! I’ll be keeping this short and sweet. The photo above is of my Fourth of July Mani with the main color being Safira by Esmaltes da Kelly! In this review I will only be Packaging, Application, Longevity, and Removal.

Packaging: (4/5)

I have to say that EK’s packaging is adorable. I love the bow! The only downside is it may feel like the bow gets in the way or makes the brush harder to hold but I had no issues. Their label was slanted on the bottle and wow my OCD was screaming out (and still is). The bottle would be perfect if the label was applied straight!

Application: (5/5)

I had mentioned before that I had concerns that this product would not apply smoothly since my first layer on my swatch seemed tacky and thick however I had no issues applying it on the nail. I had next to minimal clean up as well! I had no problem cleaning up certain areas even with the matte glitter.

Longevity: (5/5)

I was worried with me applying this polish so long before the Fourth that it would not last and I would have to touch it up but I have not had a single nail chip. So far the longevity of this polish seem good!


I bit of a pain. You will need to soak the nails for the best removal.

Overall: 9.5/10

Overall I like the polish, it is different than anything I have in my collection but it is not my favorite. The blue is a normal true blue and it is nothing that will really ‘pop’ but the polish is pretty. I liked the formula of this polish so I think I will purchase more EK’s in the future.


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