Review: Colors By Llarowe – Purple is my Crack (Summer 2014)

Hey ladies, I wanted to do a quick review of Llarowe’s ‘Purple is my Crack’ polish which is a part of their Summer 2014 collection. I will be reviewing a few key aspects in my review such as my shopping experience/shipping, application, the overall look, and longevity of the polish. Let’s get started!


Buying/Shipping: (5/5)

 I bought this polish during Llarowe’s pre-sale. Pre-sale is open for a very limited time but I had no difficulties getting into their site and picking up a few. They do restocks a few weeks after for those ladies not able to make it on during pre-sale. I like the presale and limited restocks as it makes the polish feel more special! Now because they are pre-sale they do not ship for a few weeks thereafter but it is a nice little surprise when you get your shipping confirmation! All of my polishes were packaged neatly and individually in bubble wrap.

Application: (5/5)

The application of ‘Purple is my Crack’ is flawless. The glitter is so micro that it might as well not be glitter at all. It applied completely smoothly and the formula wasn’t too thick or too thin so each layer was really fast and easy and I had not clean up what so ever!

Overall Look: (5/5)

Although I have not tried all of my CBL’s this one is by far my favorite of the ones that I have worn. The color is beautiful and the glitter is so small but so colorful that it gives the purple a nice kick without being too overwhelming. I paired mine with some white decals on my ring fingers followed by another layer of top coat and the white just looked absolutely stunning against the purple.

Longevity/Removal: (5/5)

This polish lasted a full week without a single chip. I eventually redid my nails but I could have kept this on longer. It’s a great long lasting polish for us busy girls that don’t have time to touch up or fully redo our nails every few days. Removal was quiet easy as well. Some glitters can be hard to remove but because of how fine this glitter is it came off right along with the polish not leaving anything stuck to the nail. I would not hesitate to pick up this polish again. There was not one single negative about it.

OVERALL: (10/10)

I hope this review helped any of you that were considering picking this polish up. Llarowe will be doing another restock of it in a few weeks so be sure to sign up for their emails to know when it will be coming!


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