Review: Pool-Side Par-Tay by Wing Dust

Hello Ladies! I wanted to review ‘Pool-Side Par-Tay’ by Wing dust today. I will go through many aspects throughout this review such as a purchasing process, shipping, application, longevity, as well as the over-all aesthetic of the polish. Let’s begin!


Purchasing: (5/5)

I have become secretly (or not so secretly) obsessed with Ever since their Summer CBL line came out I have been constantly browsing their site.  I love the wide variety of polishes they have and blue being one of my favorites made me really gravitate towards this polish. What hooked me however, was the “One left in Stock”. Now I am sure they will do a restock but it really makes me want to buy the polish when I see only one left! So I picked this bad boy up!


I wanted to mention that Pool-Side Par-tay was described as a gel like polish with large glitter and I actually really liked that. My worries upon purchasing it was that I would not be able to make it look anything like the swatch they had posted, but I had to try!

Shipping: (5/5)

Shipping is always pretty fast from Llarowe from what I can tell, other than pre-order of course. I got this a few days after purchasing it. One thing that I love about Llarowe is that they offer shipping via First Class plus free shipping at $50. Now I don’t always spend $50 when purchasing from Llarowe so I love the option for first class. All polishes come wrapped in bubble wrap and I have never had to worry about polishes breaking. It also seems as though their Warehouse is located in Colorado which means it should most anywhere in the US in a decent amount of time.

Application: (5/5)

One thing to note is when you shake this bottle the glitter does not even move but that being said the glitter is dispersed rather evenly throughout the entire bottle. Each brushful had the perfect amount of polish and glitter and I never really had a problem with the glitter chunking together and forming giant mountains on my nail.

I was rather really impressed with the formula. I had very minimal cleanup. The polish just went on like a dream it is very hard to describe.

I used two layers and I will say after the first layer I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the polish to look just like the picture of that on the Llarowe site but the second layer proved me wrong. The second layer makes the blue a lot more vibrant.

Appearance: (5/5!)

This has got to be my FAVORITE polish thus far as far as appearance. The blue is extremely vibrant and the lovely blue glitter along with the giant chunks of silver glitter make it really pop! I loved the decal I added as well it made it even lovelier (if that is even possible)! I understand why they call it ‘Pool-Side Par-tay’ as the blue looks like water and the glitter can look like bubbles. I just can’t say enough about how good this polish looks on and it photographs magnificently! I took a few pictures of rings while wearing this polish because it seemed to make everything look so good!

Longevity/Removal: (3/5)

I was expecting this polish to go a week without chipping but alas we find our first downside of this beautiful polish. I applied this polish on Sunday and on Tuesday I had found my first chip. That being said the first chip was on a nail I had broken the week prior so I let it slide thinking it had something to do with my broken nail but that night I happened to be running my fingers through my hair and even with a layer of gelous and a top coat on the glitter, one snagged in my hair and THAT made it chip. Other than that I have noticed some slightly very minor chipping at the tip of one other nail and it is now Thursday. Now after all that is said what is nice about this polish is even if you do have chipping it’s rather easy to reapply another layer and patch it over without anyone knowing. Since the formula is thicker and because of the glitter I patched up my three nails and you wouldn’t even know. It doesn’t take long to dry, not with my top coat at least, so it’s not a big hassle for me to touch up. As an update I have now removed the polish and I must say that big glitter does stick to the nails fairly badly. However to save yourself some pain I removed the big glitter by using a sharp cuticle pusher and scrapped it off gently. I hope that helps :).

OVERALL: (9/10)

I would highly recommend this polish to anyone that loves blue and glitter. I understand that not everyone will love the way this polish looks as my mother says it is very ‘young’ but it is my favorite! It’s Easy to apply and looks absolutely charming. I would highly recommend this polish to anyone considering buying it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my review.


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