Colors by Llarowe – Summer Collection 2014

My Colors by Llarowe – Summer 2014 is in!

I must say when I opened the box I was not super excited (for whatever reason). However, once I got to using these polishes I was in love! This is my first Llarowe purchase so I spent a pretty penny but I must say the formulas are fantastic.

The Golden Touch – This one was one of my first picks. I had been looking into a gold holo and since this one was limited I picked it up right away.

The formula seems great. It went on very smoothly but it did become a little sheer in some places. I would recommend two coats.

I am not overly thrilled with the actual color on me. I feel like my skin tone some how washed the color out and makes it look very dull. I wish is was more golden pigmented. I used the color on my toes so I will have to try it on my hands and see if I still feel the same.

Final Fantasy- FF I got because it just seemed like one of the perfect Holos. It is a Metallic Silver with tones of purple and green. I have yet to use this one but it swatched like a dream just like my other CBL’s.

Purple is my Crack – This color was actually picked out by my boyfriend and boy am I thankful. I have been wearing this color on my nails for a week without any chipping what so ever! It’s a gorgeous color and I found myself just staring at it several times after I first put it on. It looks great with nail decals or nail art. I matched mine with some white decals and I loved the look! Best with two layers or it will appear sheer in some areas.

Gemini Rising – Another Boyfriend choice. By far the best color of the lot. I have seen many people wishing they had picked this color up and I can see why. Applies like an absolute dream. I cannot wait to use it!

Safira by EK – Not a CBL but another I picked up. I have not used this on the nail but I am planning on it to be part of my fourth of July Mani! I am not sure how it will apply on the nail as the first layer of my swatch went on kind of chunky however the second layer applied nicely.

The packing is really cute! I just loved the polish for the bow.

I am very pleased with my order and can’t wait to show you guys more colors I have picked up from LLarowe!

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