SquareHue June 2014 Maui Box

SquareHue is a monthly Subscription box that is normally $19.99 per month. I used a coupon code to get my first box for $5.

I must say upon opening the box I thought they accidentally sent me two of the same color on accident. Also something that REALLY bothers me is that on their card it says that ‘Ka’ahumanu’ is a Micro Glitter while ‘ Ala Moana’ is a Satin. This is actually wrong, they are switched. ‘Alla Moana’ is the color you see on the left is the micro glitter while ‘Ka’ahumanu’ is a Satin, at least in my set.

I’ll go ahead and begin with ‘Wailea’ The middle Nude color. I have seen a few talk about this color and not be happy with it but I must say I used it on my toes and I am LOVING it. It went on rather nicely and I just love the Earthly look that it gives. I am not sure I would like it on the nails but I will Definitely be keeping this to use as a toe color.

Now the other two polishes are extremely similar. I really dislike that they put two polishes of similar tones into the same box. ‘Ala Moana’ seems a shade lighter and I have worn it on my nails. From afar you won’t even notice the glitter but you can up close. It was really easy to apply and the polish actually last quiet awhile for me without chipping.

Overall I love the idea of Squarehue. They do donate some of their money to stop human trafficking which I like however I was extremely unimpressed with my first box. I like them and I will use them but between the note card and the two similar polishes being in the same collection I think I will pass on my next box. I was not satisfied enough to pay $20 a month. If I have a little extra money in the future I may resubscribe though.


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